Effective Stories Need Productive Frameworks

The Pikkal & Co Framework for Storytelling

The first takeaway from our Brand Storytelling Workshops is that effective brand stories sit in productive frameworks. The Pikkal & Co Storytelling Framework use 3 assets to align the story with business objectives:

1) The Brand Evolution Quadrant pinpoints where the brand is in its journey and which stories need to be told to align with current objectives.

2) The Brand Story Canvas provides key stakeholders with a cheat sheet of the why, who, how and what of storytelling and

3) The Conversation Flywheel provides a day-to-day guide for communications and storytelling.

Coffee Conversations at Scale

Stories need authentic, scalable channels. We believe in podcasting for brands because podcasting provides a powerful communications channel that supports all over media and communications.

The first key to podcasting success is the Framework. Podcasts need to be aligned to your business objectives, your guests need to be key Catalysts within your ecosystem and the subject matter needs to reinforce your Meta Messages.

The second key to podcasting success is Work:Flow – using the right tools such as our Pikkal Suite Podcast CMS to help the team focus more on storytelling and relationships, and less on the heavy lifting of producing content.

Pikkal Suite: Podcast CMS Platform

Our Pikkal Suite Podcast CMS Platform is built specifically to help brands Plan, Produce and Promote their podcasts. We use Pikkal Suite to help brands create these Brand Original Podcasts.

Storytelling engages creative right-brain activities. The heavy lifting of managing a podcast requires left-brain. The inherent conflict means many podcasts struggle with consistency and aligning the content to business objectives.

We found that with robust tools like our Pikkal Suite Podcast CMS, reducing the WORK of podcasting increases the FLOW of conversation.