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The Future of Asia is not only a China story anymore. It is about India, the world’s third largest economy already by PPP standards, ASEAN soon to be the world’s fourth largest economy and Japan’s hopeful resurgence. In the decades ahead, Asian economies will go from participating in global trade and innovation flows to determining their shape and direction.

Parag Khanna, James Crabtree

The Asian Century has begun. Asia is the world’s largest regional economy and it is poised to lead the world into the next phase of globalization. We discuss how global flows are shifting toward Asia, and what companies and governments can do to win in a world led by Asia.

Jeongmin Seong, Jonathan Woetzel

After 4 decades of opening up its economy, China is facing their first set of challenges with their relationship to the world. Could we be seeing the beginning of a new trend of less engagement between China and the world after years of deepening ties?

Jonathan Woetzel, Gordon Orr

In Asia, banking is going through massive discontinuities, driven by the forces of a global slowdown, accompanied by discontinuities, driven by technology, and a benign regulatory environment. Could these challenges also bring with them waves of new opportunities?

Tengku Zafrul Aziz

About Future of Asia

Asia’s standing in the world has changed and it is clear that where the focus was once on how quickly the region would rise, the reality is now all about how Asia will lead. In the Future of Asia Podcast, we invite leaders from across the region to discuss the power, agility and ambition of Asia and to shed light on what kind of leader Asia will be, and what this means for governments and businesses everywhere.

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