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Nell Watson, Founder of QuantaCorp (Poikos) and who describes herself as a Machine Learning & Tech philosopher, joins host Graham Brown in conversation about Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the hottest topics today and there are some burning questions that are often asked about the subject, like how is it going to affect businesses, or what will be it’s impact on society and us humans in general. There are endless debates raging about AI and ethics. Over the next 50 mins, Nell and Graham delve into the fascinating world of AI to understand Nell’s perspective on these questions.

Nell Watson

Dr. Michael Gillam – Exponential data will lead to the next revolution in human thinking

Dr Michael Gilliam

For this special episode of SIM podcast, host Graham Brown caught up in person with Jody Medich at the Singularity Conference held in Singapore by SIM. Jody is an Independent consultant for Product design as well as an international faculty & Graduate studies program mentor/advisor at the Singularity University in California, USA.

Jody Medich

Host Graham Brown met with Dr. Nicholas Haan for the SIM podcast at the sidelines of Singularity conference in Singapore held by SIM. Dr. Haan is the Vice President of Impact and Faculty Chair of Global Grand Challenges as well Managing Director, Global Solutions Program at the Singularity University in California, USA. Over the 40 mins conversation, Nicholas (Nick) shares with us his journey from being an aspiring doctor to actually becoming a teacher in Africa, as well as his past work with United Nations and then onto the current assignment with Singularity University. Given his wealth of knowledge in the area of food sustainability he talks about the changes taking place in the farm & food industry and the role technology is poised to play in the area of food sustainability. Nick gives his views on the importance of driving the culture of corporate innovation within organizations and how Singularity University tries to make a difference in building this culture. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth.

Dr Nicholas Haan

Howard Yu is the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School, and author of LEAP. In this conversation, we share top level insights from Howard’s talk at the Singapore Management Festival. We look at how companies innovate for hypergrowth, not just in the short term, but over generations. Howard shares case studies on innovative companies that may surprise you such as John Deere (an agricultural machinery manufacturer). We also take a look at success and failure in Asia’s hypercompetitive markets, the role of diversity in innovation, and the 3 steps organizational leaders can take to nurture more innovative cultures. It’s a conversation that looks under the hood of business success and failure, companies that include Amazon, AWS, Tencent, DBS, Kodak and GoJek.

Howard Yu

Chow Cher Wong is the Technical Director at the Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre in Singapore. In this conversation, we take a journey from Chow Cher’s education origins in the industrial heartland of the United Kingdom to more recently, building the factory fo the future, available today at the ARTC. We discuss how the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) will impact work, both destroying and creating jobs, as well as how 4IR will underpin hypergrowth in the manufacturing landscape of Asia. Will 4IR level the playing field giving emerging markets access to skills that were once the competitive edge of Singapore? We also go deep into the world of robots and “cobots” – a term that may be unfamiliar to many but increasingly will become part of our daily work.

Chow Cher Wong

In this episode, brought to you from the Singapore Management Festival, Graham Brown sits down with Lewis Pugh, ocean advocate and endurance swimmer – who’s often referred as the ‘Sir Edmund Hilary of swimming’ and UN Patron of Oceans. Lewis shares his experiences undertaking a variety of endurance challenges around the world, including swimming in every ocean, across the English Channel, and even how he swam Mount Everest! The pair also discusses different environmental issues facing the planet such as plastic pollution and climate change, particularly rising temperatures in the Arctic. Lewis delves into the challenges he’s faced in raising awareness for environmental concerns, how he deals with the frustration of slow progress, and how world leaders need to take more courageous action.

Lewis Pugh

In this episode, Graham sits down with Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee Republic and confectionery brand Skinny Candy. The pair sit down to discuss her qualifying as a lawyer and how she transitioned into an entrepreneur, how she dealt with initial self-doubt, and why she rarely listens to other people’s advice.

Sahar Hashemi

Rob Nail, CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University, joins host Graham Brown in a discussion about the future, leadership, and how storytelling helps to create change. Sharing his insights on the “age of disruption,” Rob draws from his extensive background in engineering and building autonomous cars to give illustrative examples of how we can achieve “future readiness.”

Rob Nail

English author and biomedical gerontologist Dr Aubrey de Grey shares his research on longevity and a “cure for ageing.” Listen to this podcast to find out what is the relationship between age and disease, and why we should change our mindsets when it comes to aging. Tune in for a fascinating episode that is sure to challenge your idea of humanity.

Dr Aubrey de Grey

Kyle Nel, Executive Vice President of the Uncommon Partners Lab at Singularity University, explains how organisations can break out of incrementalism to achieve exponential growth. Using illustrations from his background in behavioural science, Kyle shares why bullet form is the worst way to change someone’s behaviour, and what you can do instead to positively impact decision making.

Kyle Nel

Brett Schilke is the Director of Impact at Singularity University, leading global impact strategy and impact partnerships ranging from education to nuclear threat reduction. A provocateur Who operators at the Intersection of technology, humanity and storytelling, Brett tells a compelling story of how technology can make us better humans, if only we employ it for building better futures.

Brett Schilke

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