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Thailand is famous for its food, but beyond the well known green curry and Tom Yum Goong, there are hundreds of undiscovered dishes from all over the country. One of the best ways to experience these lesser known treasures is to visit Bangkok’s markets and eat the street food. Of course, it helps to have a local guide to translate the stories of the food and the people who make it. In this episode of On AirAsia, we visit Chinatown and the bustling Ratchada Night Markets in Bangkok and eat everything from stinky durian to Chiang Mai lemon grass sausage to deep fried scorpion! Stay tuned to sample the sounds and stories of Bangkok’s street food.


Every young Thai kid grows up wanting to be a pop star or an entertainer, but very few live the dream. In today’s episode of On AirAsia, we meet Aum Thanwa, an AirAsia pilot and singer. Like many of his generation, he had to find a happy balance between a career and his passion for singing. We talk to Aum about his story, his hopes and dreams for the future. We also get to enjoy a live, impromptu jam sessions with Aum and his songwriting producer Man, in the Bangkok rain.

Aum ThanWa

With its cheap cost of living and great lifestyle Bali attracts digital nomads from all over the world. They come to Southeast Asia to build businesses online and meet likeminded entrepreneurs. Some stay for weeks, others for a lifetime. But, who are these digital nomads and what are their motivations? In this episode of On Air Asia, we speak to 4 location independent entrepreneurs, all running different businesses and with unique motivations. And it’s not all laptops on the beach, e also learn about the challenges and the reality of living in Paradise.

Martin, Livinya, Nick,

AirAsia’s Foundation supports social enterprises across Asia. Mun Ching shares her stories of working at the frontline with areas devastated by natural disaster. In this episode of On Air Asia, she takes us on a journey to Aceh Sumatra, wiped out by tsunami 10 years ago and then to the northernmost reaches of Thailand, to learn of the Muser hill tribes who were weaned off Opium crops to later growing their own sustainable coffee.

Mun Ching Yap

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