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The go-to guide for Leaders and podcast managers who want to know what’s working in the world of business podcasts today. Drawing from our team experience of producing over 600 podcasts and 30 case studies including Facebook, Slack, Andreesen Horowitz, Amazon Web Services, Netflix and Google.

126 Page Guide with recommendations on how Leaders should approach podcasts and what is required to make podcasts sustainable and successful long term.

  • 126 Page Guide for Business Leaders
  • 30+ Case Studies of Leadership Podcasts
  • The Pikkal Podcast Quadrant – a map to help understand the different types of Leadership Podcasts
  • Analysis of business objectives, podcast call to action and meta themes
  • 10 Headline Statistics on the global podcast market.

Our Leadership Podcasts

Podcasting for Leaders™ Consultancy

We help brands Create Conversations at Scale through the power of Podcasts. We have helped world leading brands like McKinsey & Co, AirAsia and Xero develop their own Leadership Podcasts.

In today’s noisy media landscape, Attention is the Currency of Leadership. To win Attention you don’t turn up the volume, you tell better stories. Podcasts help Leaders create Authentic Conversations about subjects that matter with people who care.

Podcasting for Leaders™ is an end-to-end solution for brands to create exceptional Podcasts.

  • Alignment
  • Creative
  • Implementation
Alignment – Podcast Strategy workshop establishing key business objectives, content partners and Key Talking Points
Creative – Conceptualization of Podcast Series, Content Mapping of Key Talking Points and Narrative
Implementation – Full Production of Podcast, easy storage and sharing of Podcast assets on our Pikkal Content Management Platform

Podcasting for Leaders™ Testimonials

Case Study: Zave

Zave is a funded startup changing the Corporate Services sector through their software and digital platform. They want to tell the story of change and give a voice to their ecosystem, which had been very traditional and slow to adopting digital optimisation.

In the initial Podcast Strategy Workshop, we worked with the Zave leadership team to develop their podcast strategy through identifying their target audience, and who can help to amplify their message.

The XL Podcast: Leadership In The Exponential Era

Stories are powerful tools to lead, influence and connect. The XL Storytelling Podcast features conversations with leading thinkers in business, such as Tony Fernandes, as they share stories of growth, transformation, and leadership in today’s age of exponential connection. Hosted by Graham Brown and produced by Pikkal & Co.

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