4 Publications to Inspire Business Storytellers

#1 Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About

Co-authored by Graham Brown and Jamal Benmiloud (former SVP of Marketing for Monster Energy Drinks & Red Bull.

Brand Love is a journey around the world in search of businesses well-adapted to telling stories in the digital age; businesses that build multi-billion dollar market caps without significant sums spent on advertising; and business that defy the expectations of both investors and their category by breaking the rules.

“Brand Love will open your eyes to a new world of marketing and explode some of the myths about social media and brand strategy today.” – Mike Helton

“Thoughtful and pragmatic. Excellent presentation of cutting edge thinking grounded in hands on experience. A great read.” – David Schieff

“Marketing, like Business is about decisions or choices… making good choices, takes good information and good guidance. This book gives you both with simple, clear, nonsense and jargon free stories from those who dared to fail, in their bid to succeed.” – John Beasley

#2 The Pikkal & Co Podcast Report

Authored by Graham Brown.

70+ slides of market analysis detailing the growth of podcasting globally, from the US to Asia. The Pikkal Podcast Report provides detailed analysis of markets that are currently entering early adopter stage i.e. Asia, detailing the uptake and drivers for these markets.

The Pikkal Podcast Report contains data on advertising, audience reach and engagement. The Report also contains business case breakdowns and case studies of brand original podcasts including AirAsia and GoJek.

#3 The Digital Transformation Playbook

Authored by Graham Brown.

Storytelling to build Ecosystems. Digital transformation is real. And it’s happening right here with brands like AirAsia. Through storytelling, and podcasting, I believe brands like AirAsia can join the dots of such an ecosystem. Authentic, human stories that create movements and tribes.

If you want to understand Digital Transformation in progress, look at how brands are changing the way they communicate. Are they talking up digital transformation yet still promoting the stories of celebrities or
logos? Companies ready for the challenge get this. They are gearing up to give a voice to everyone within their ecosystem.

It’s not who’s telling your story that counts, it’s whose story you’re telling.

#4 The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Disconnected Generation

Authored by Graham Brown.

Author Graham Brown travels from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the backstreets of Shibuya Tokyo on a quest to discover how young people communicate with their phones and what this means for innovation. 1 billion people under the age of 30 now own a mobile phone.

Every single young mobile owner has a story tell and new way of using the device adults haven’t even thought of yet. It’s youth who showed the world how to use Facebook, SMS, Blackberry Messenger and file sharing. What will they think of next?