Storytelling Workshops

Case Study:

Freeman Company is a 92 years old global events company that want to move away from event organisation and production to full-fledged brand experience strategy and planning. We worked with Freeman Singapore leadership team to identify and consolidate their brand messaging, and developed a framework of how that plays out.

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Workshop: Brand Storytelling for Startups

We find that there is a significant uplift in value in helping Startup Founders tell better stories. Startup Founders will be able to use skill and techniques learned in this Workshop to:

  • Raise funds
  • Recruit talent
  • Sell

Our Brand Storytelling for Startups Workshop also works well with cohorts or batches. This workshop can be designed for individual startups or groups.

Key Deliverable: Startup Founders will get a better Story to raise funds, recruit talent and sell. We train Founders to adopt and develop a robust Storytelling Framework. Founders can then use this Story in their pitch deck, sales collateral and conference presentations.

Workshop: Storytelling for Innovation

Large teams faced with the challenge of innovation need guidance and structure to be successful. Our Storytelling for Innovation workshops help teams

  • Learn through case study
  • Understand their evolving role within innovation
  • Learn how innovation happens
Our Storytelling for Innovation Workshops work well with large teams that cross departments and often time zones.
Key Deliverable: Teams will adopt new mindsets and inspiration to effect innovation within their organization. We train teams to adopt and develop a robust Storytelling Framework to drive internal and cross-ecosystem innovation. Participants will also be able to identify cross-departmental contacts to engage in their projects.

Workshop: Storytelling for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a leadership challenge facing many organizations. The challenge isn’t about the adoption of digital, but the people and their adoption of new mindsets. Our Storytelling for Digital Transformation Workshops help leaders identify and build Small Cross-Functional Teams to help effect change across the ecosystem. These Workshops help participants become stakeholders in the Digital Transformation Journey:

  • Learn changing mindsets from past to future
  • Identify what structure is needed to innovate while protecting the core
  • Develop the story of the changing shape of the business to tell to the ecosystem
Our Storytelling for Digital Transformation Workshops work best with multi-disciplinary teams and the key stakeholders in communicating business growth.
Key Deliverable: The goal is to get all the key stakeholders “on page” with the leadership’s Digital Transformation journey. We help stakeholders adopt the Storytelling Framework to sell Digital Transformation internally and cross-ecosystem. This involves equipping them with the key vision and day-to-day talking points that reinforce the message of change.