Storytelling for Leadership Training

Storytelling for Leaders is our Leadership Training service. Our Training sits within the XL Framework
Our core workshop training offerings cover:

1) Data Storytelling
2) Digital Transformation
3) Business Transformation
4) Resilience & Entrepreneurship

Storytelling for Leaders Training

We train Leaders and Teams with the skills to communicate their Story through our XL Training workshops.

Storytelling is a key skill for Leadership in the new decade to sell, inspire and engage. By developing a better story, both startups and corporates can achieve a significant uplift in communicated value.

We offer Half Day Storytelling Workshops and Full Day Storytelling Workshops.

✅ Learn how stories create value in business
✅ Develop a narrative arc for your business journey
✅ Use storytelling to lead, influence and engage

Key Deliverable – We help leaders and teams adopt the Storytelling Framework to identify and align their stories to their business objectives, which they can use for developing their pitch deck, sales collateral and conference presentations.

The XL Podcast: Leadership In The Exponential Era

Stories are powerful tools to lead, influence and connect. The XL Storytelling Podcast features conversations with leading thinkers in business, such as Tony Fernandes, as they share stories of growth, transformation, and leadership in today’s age of exponential connection. Hosted by Graham Brown and produced by Pikkal & Co.

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