Create Coffee Conversations at Scale

Human Communication Drives Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about people not digital. Core to digital transformation is how we as brands communicate with our people, our partners and our customers. This is what drivers innovation and brand experience. Transformation means change, and leaders need to communicate change through telling stories.

How will leaders billionaire founders like Tony Fernandes (AirAsia) and Rod Drury (Xero) help their tribes navigate change as they enter the biggest challenge their companies have ever faced? This isn’t about the adoption of the latest shiny object technologies, but how these brands will use podcasts to break down the walls and empower their own people to be more human (see our Brand Original Podcast Case Studies).

People Connect with People not Brands

This is the Age of Exponential Connection. A new generation of consumers are growing up bombarded by marketing messages and digital media (for more on this see my book “The Mobile Youth“). In the age of authenticity, nothing can beat the impact of a human connection. No longer can we rely on buying trust and attention through mass media marketing or the “one to many” model of communication. Instead, we need to leverage our own people and their networks.

Historian Dunbar wrote of the magic “150” – the optimum number of authentic connections hardwired into our brains that has manifested in stone age societies, Roman legions and the Macbook development team. To reach a million people in an authentic, engaging way, you need 600 of your people reaching 150 of their own network. To do that, you need to give your people a voice.

Everybody has a Great Story to Tell

We’ve grown up disempowered by mass media telling us stories of celebrities and celebrity influencers. When someone shines the spotlight on us, we think ourselves not worthy. Yet every call center rep, every frontline sales staff, every CEO has the ability to touch people in a human authentic way.

2020 is the end of Branding and the rise of Brand Experience (for more on Brand Experience check out my Book “Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About“. The problem is that the whole world of communications is geared towards top-down monolithic storytelling. We need to unlock the human potential of brands by giving their people a voice. Stop chasing influencers and start with your own people!

Podcasting is Teamwork

You can podcast and you can podcast well. The problem is that when you get really good at podcasting, the technology (like magic) becomes invisible. All the listeners hears is the conversation. You can’t get away with crappy sound quality and poor narratives. Too many companies and podcasters churn out boring Q&A interviews. Why bother? If you want the information, just get it on the website. What people want today is the human insights, the authentic stories we *cant* get online. This requires planning and a team. If you’re interested in our Podcast CMS – Check out our Framework and the Pikkal Suite Podcast CMS.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Podcasting

Podcasting isn’t social media. They say Podcasting could be worth $500m based on the advertising market. This is total nonsense. The market we’re chasing is $1.1 trillion – the whole communications suite (Advertising $650 billion, PR $100 billion and Recruitment $350 billion).

Podcasts are Coffee Conversations at Scale. This is the only authentic medium for people to create intimate and authentic connections beyond a coffee conversation. Meetings and relationships are vital to any business and its people, yet these don’t fall under the social media team’s remit. These are everyone’s business. Similarly, in your company podcasts are everyone’s business. This isn’t about creating another media channel to push your reformatted communication down, but giving a voice to your people and unlocking the human potential of your brand.

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