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Welcome to the world of beautiful business and the Xero on Air podcast. Today, we explore the culture of a high growth business like Xero. How does Xero recruit talent? What emphasis do they place on skillset and mindset? To help us answer these questions, we’re joined on the podcast by Kevin Fitzgerald (Managing Director Asia, Xero) and Marjolein “MJ” Janmaat (Talent & People Experience, Xero). Kevin and MJ will share their inspirational stories, as well as share some insight into why talent chooses to work in Singapore, and a hypergrowth environment like Xero. More episodes to come!

Marjolein “MJ” Janmaat

We’re back with Episode 2 of Xero on Air with podcast host Graham Brown, Managing Director, Kevin Fitzgerald and entrepreneur Junxian Lee, founder of Moovaz and Fundnel. In this episode, our guests discuss how founders can easily implement financial discipline in their businesses using Xero reports without needing to be an accountant. Many owners get stuck growing their business because they aren’t clear about their numbers. A good reporting system combined with clear metrics can help an owner understand both the reality of their financial situation and also which activities contribute most to the bottom line. More episodes to come!

Junxian Lee

Gordon Ng, Founder of Talenox, joins Kevin Fitzgerald and Graham Brown for Episode 3 of Xero on Air today. We’ll talk about making HR easy for everybody from startups to high growth businesses. Like accounts, HR is not often seen as an enabler to growth, but if you look at how you can use these tools more effectively, you can create easy to use dashboards to make your operations run more smoothly, freeing up more of your time to focus on what you do best – working on rather than working in your business. More episodes to come!

Gordon Ng

For episode 4 of Xero on Air, host Graham Brown and Managing Director Asia, Kevin Fitzgerald are joined by Sam Gibb, founder of Venture Capital firm Endeavour Ventures. In this episode, they discuss the evolving role of accountants as potential advisors to businesses, how the information and increased transparency provided by Xero can help them advise businesses, and the importance ‘telling a story through numbers’. They also cover a growing company’s options for scaling a business, the advantages of each method and when’s a good time for a business to seek outside investment.

Sam Gibb

This special episode of the Xero podcast is brought to you from the Xero Community: Startup Edition Event in Singapore. Hosts Graham Brown and Kevin Fitzgerald are joined by a number of notable members of Singapore’s vibrant and ever-growing startup ecosystem, including Sam Gibbs from Endeavour, serial entrepreneur Jonah Lee, and Trent Innes, Managing Director of Xero Australia. You’ll hear them discuss various challenges faced by startups including different forms of fundraising, the importance of getting different financial instruments to work for you, and how crucial it is to build the right team around you.

Sam Gibb, Junxian Lee, Trent Innes

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The Xero On Air podcast helps you navigate the early years in business, one topic at a time. Along the way, we’ll share top tips and things to watch out for in that first year on your own. From financial advice to paying staff and staying calm. Our host Graham Brown talks to business owners about that vital first few years in business and what to expect around every corner.

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