XL: Exponential Leadership

The Exponential Leadership Framework

Our XL Client Work

New Decade, New Challenges. We built Pikkal & Co to advise and support Leadership, giving them the knowledge, mindset and channels of communication to influence, connect and engage in this New Decade. We call this The Exponential Era (get our XL Book for more details).

Our Insights, Development and Podcasting services are built on the XL Framework – the 3 Qualities Leaders need in The Exponential Era:

1) Authenticity
2) Authority
3) Agility

Leaders and the Conversations they have that demonstrate these 3 Qualities become the Experience partners, customers and employees have of the brand. Leaders don’t scale, Leadership Conversations do.

That’s why we offer Insights to help Leaders understand the challenges ahead, Development to equip them with the key skills and mindsets, and Podcasts to give them the tools to amplify their voice.

XI: Exponential Insights

XI gives Leaders an understanding the key Macro trends and challenges shaping business in The Exponential Era. We speak at industry conferences and run private presentations for company teams.

Our core speaking themes cover the 3 Exponential Macros (outlined in our XL Book) that are radically disrupting industry today:

1) Exponential Technology (Artificial Intelligence)
2) Exponential Connectivity (Big Data, IOT, Mobility)
3) Exponential Asia (The Asian Century, Asian Hypercompetition).

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XD: Exponential Development

XD equips Leaders with the Skills and Mindsets needed to face the challenges of The Exponential Era outlined in The XL Book. We run intensive workshops and strategy sessions for C-Suite Executives and First Time Leaders. We also partner with training and education providers to add new competences to their existing framework.

Our core coaching & training focus is improving Leadership within organizations through:

1) Humanity Quotient (HQ)
2) Influence Quotient (IQ)
3) Culture Quotient (CQ)

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XP: Exponential Podcasting

XP empowers Leaders to Create Conversations at Scale. We advise on podcast strategy with our Podcast Blueprint advisory and offer an end-to-end Podcast service for Leaders and Brands. We also partner with Communications Agencies to add podcasting capabilities to their existing client frameworks.

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Leadership in the Exponential Era Book

As we enter the new decade we are faced with new challenges. The 4th Industrial Revolution will create winners and losers.

In this book, author Graham D Brown shares the strategies of Leaders navigating the paradigm shift in business competition brought on by the 3 Exponential Macros of the 4th Industrial Revolution:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Asia

264 page digital PDF copy of Leadership in the Exponential Era available for free direct download from Dropbox.

The XL Podcast: Leadership In The Exponential Era

Stories are powerful tools to lead, influence and connect. The XL Storytelling Podcast features conversations with leading thinkers in business, such as Tony Fernandes, as they share stories of growth, transformation, and leadership in today’s age of exponential connection. Hosted by Graham Brown and produced by Pikkal & Co.

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