The Market for Business Podcasts in 2021

What started primarily as a US based trend has now evolved into a global phenomenon. More than 500 million people listening to a podcast every week.


Despite its size, podcasting is still at an early stage in its adoption curve. We are moving into the Early Adopter space, characterized by a polarization of market behavior (heavy users vs critics). Business models are still relatively underdeveloped.


When people listen to podcasts they listen to most of the episode. The average length of a podcast, as highlighted in the Podcast SEO Guide is 34 minutes.


The Business Podcast market is following in the footsteps of the B2C market. We anticipate that 4 key B2B Podcast Market drivers will significantly impact the Business Podcast Market 2021-2025.


The growth of the Business Podcast will impact businesses looking to enter podcasting and existing business owners in 3 ways:

  1. Simply having a podcast is no longer enough. Unless you work to build organic traffic, your podcast will struggle to grow
  2. You have to understand and leverage the algorithms of major podcast platforms (Spotify and Apple), just as you would build your website with Google in mind.
  3. The key to organic traffic is optimizing your SEO with Spotify and Apple in mind. Spotify and Apple want to promote highly engaging, consistent and relevant content. If you can check these boxes for them, they will in turn funnel organic traffic to you.

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