Using Podcasts to Drive Omnichannel Comms Strategy

Using Podcasts to Drive Omnichannel Comms Strategy

The Problem Facing Traditional Comms

Traditional PR and Communications operates in silo bound channels. In the post-Covid world of comms, communications needs to evolve from a Pipeline to a Platform model - from information control to curation.

Going Omnichannel

To create Share of Voice in an increasingly noisy and fragmented media landscape, your brand needs to adopt an Omnichannel Communications Strategy.

Your Podcast is best qualified to provide the beating heart of your strategy as its agile nature and cadence and long form nature creates both the rhythm and source for all communications content derivatives.

Generating Content Derivatives

Here are 5 ways you can use your podcast to create Content Derivatives for your comms strategy:

  1. Transcripts become white papers - more agile than existing reports, potentially an extension of a thought leadership series to keep the conversation going. See McKinsey's reports generated from transcripts in our podcast case study.
  2. Transcripts become articles - see our podcast case study for examples of how podcasts created thought leadership articles in tier 1 media publications.
  3. Highlights become social media - every podcast can be reformatted as "snippets" often 90 seconds in length and easily shared on social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter via hosts, guests and audience
  4. On platform SEO - increasingly Podcast platforms Spotify and Apple are placing prominence of on-store search over off-store guest sharing. That means each podcast episode in your series is an opportunity for an aligned listener to discover your work. For more information on podcast SEO see our Podcast SEO Guide.
  5. Off platform SEO - every podcast that we distribute for clients appears on multiple Google searchable platforms e.g. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Spreaker, Listen Notes, Player.FM, Podchaser, Podtail, Youtube.

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