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Voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem. 500 Podcast Episodes Published since 2018.  Guests include AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes. Podcast hosted by Graham Brown of Pikkal.

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ATP 500: A Story of Scorpions, Spin Bikes and Billionaires

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Enjoy this special celebration for the 500th episode of Asia Tech Podcast. Graham Brown shares the highlights and memorable moments of my podcast journey including the time he ate a scorpion, talked to 2 billionaire entrepreneurs (Rod Drury and Tony Fernandes), and recorded episodes on a bike, in a rice field, at the airport and on the airplane. It's been a wild adventure, thank you for your support and feedback.

ATP496: Digital Transformation and the New Customer Experience

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In this special edition of Asia Tech Podcast Graham Brown shares an inside look on what's happening in the fast moving world of Customer Experience in Asia. Case studies featured include Alibaba Hema, PingAn Financial, Grab, Uber, Emirates and Airasia. The challenge facing brands in Asia is their competition won't come from the next guy in category, but from a completely different sector. This asynchronous competition - players like Alibaba or Amazon - will be well resourced and able to wipe out incumbents and with them generations of legacy. We look at how Asia is positioned to accommodate Digital Transformation and who is leading in this space

ATP485: Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia

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Tony Fernandes talks to Graham Brown of Pikkal.

Tony Fernandes is the CEO of AirAsia and one of the most recognizable business leaders in the region. He is outspoken, a maverick and often treads (in his own words), "a fine line between brilliance and stupidity".

By his own admission, some of his business bets haven't paid off - taking over a Formula One team and a football club. But others certainly have. His net worth is estimated at $745 million. Behind his success is a story of taking huge risks - he bought AirAsia for 1 Malaysian Ringgit when nobody else saw its potential value when only 6% of Malaysians were flying. To Tony, that meant 94% of the market was untapped. He soon turned it around, growing the airline from 2 to 200 planes and reporting a profit within a year.

Many know of the AirAsia success story but what and who made it possible? In this podcast, Tony shares insights into his own backstory that continue to shape his business career today - from a Tupperware selling Mum "who could sell ice to eskimos" to a Dad who withheld praise on young Tony's successes.

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