The $40 Billion Audio 2.0 Market

From Clubhouse to Podcasts, Audio is enjoying a resurgence that is redefining human and corporate communications

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Weekly analysis of the $40 billion Audio 2.0 Market from podcasts to disruptive social audio apps, from Spotify to Clubhouse. Written by industry analyst Graham Brown, the weekly Audio 2.0 Newsletter brings you exclusive insights, data and analysis of what's happening. Get the latest updates on Podcasts, Social Audio, Shortform Audiobooks, Audio Branding and Voice Search.

Audio 2.0 Signal
(not Noise)

There is a lot of chatter out there about Soical Audio, Podcasts and Voice Search. But few people are joining the dots like us. In our weekly Audio 2.0 Newsletter we help you navigate this fast evolving landscape and understand what it means and where it's heading. That means going long on our hypotheses and predictions like "How Spotify will Become the Google of Sound", backed up with our regular impartial analysis and the occasional "aha" moment to make you rethink what you know about Audio 2.0

The Power of Audio
as a Medium

Ever wondered by Audio 2.0, why now? The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Audio 2.0 is no coincidence. It's no coincidence that audio is on the rise in one of the most disconnected and dehumanized periods of human history. Audio 2.0 is the most authentic way for opinion leaders to build authority with the right audience. Audio 2.0 is about reclaiming the human essence of communication in the Era of the Machine.