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What is the Difference between B2C and B2B Podcasts?

At Pikkal University today, Graham Brown introduces the difference B2C and B2B Podcasts. 

Podcast success is like landing a plane - it all happens in the approach. That’s why Alignment is the most important foundation of building a long term, consistent and successful podcast. In this episode, I discuss the crucial differences between B2C and B2B Podcasts. Each type of podcast has a different alignment strategy, and to build a B2B Podcast like a B2C media entity is unnecessarily hard and a waste of resources. Alignment covers your choice of metrics, subject areas, cadence and monetisation of your podcast.


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How to Build the Storytelling Organization

On Pikkal University today, Graham Brown discusses the reasons why leaders need to transform their businesses into Storytelling Organizations.

People follow People not Brands. In the Age of Authenticity, people want to connect with real humans, not inhuman brands. So how do you do that when much of communication is controlled through traditional PR pipelines? The key to transformation of communication is building The Storytelling Organization - communicating as a Telephone not a Loudspeaker.


Why should individuals podcast?

On Pikkal University today, Graham Brown shares insights on why all business leaders should start a podcast. 

I’m often asked why I started podcasting and the answer is, "because there is no better way to create real, authentic connections with people that matter.” How important mindful conversations with people that matter are in these times. We live in a time when business communication is disrupted, where leaders are struggling to create meaningful connections with their people, and people are struggling with the disconnection of working from home. Podcasts are connections, not content, meetings not media. In these disrupted times, podcasts offer a way for us to reconnect and rediscover what it is to be human.