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As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, how can we compete with Artificial Intelligence - a technology that promises exponential yield gains in efficiency? The answer is to do what machines cannot - be more human. Podcast hosted by Graham Brown of Pikkal.

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BMH23: How I got my Start in Artificial Intelligence

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Part of the Human Communication Playbook written and read by Graham Brown. Graham got his start in Artificial Intelligence many years ago, almost by accident building robots. This episode is an introduction to that journey and how he ended up playing with Chatbots and analyzing Computational models of human intelligence.

Topics Covered: Artificial Intelligence, Bill Gates, Feynman, Careers, Machine Learning, Data, Asia, Teaching, Art, Michelangelo, Professions, Storytelling, Communication

BM14: Podcasts are the Ultimate Big Data

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Graham Brown believes Podcasts are rich in data. He's not talking about audience and listener numbers but data that really matters - conversations, topics, emotion and sentiment. If you run ML algorithms over a podcast episode you can extract names, entities and feelings that define our conversations. And this is the final frontier of data - data that measures conversations and connections that matters.

Topics Covered: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Audio, Machine Learning, Podcasts, Emotion, Sentiment Analysis, Algorithms, Connections. Authenticity, Authority

BMH29: Artificial Intelligence, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot and Storytelling

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How will Artificial Intelligence and Mankind co-exist profitably and harmoniously in the Era of the Machine?

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, AI is making headway into the world of work, turning years of professional experience into simple algorithms and threatening to put millions out of work. Graham Brown believes success in the next decade won’t come from competing head on with the Machine as we cannot be more efficient. Instead, we need to go in the other direction and double down on what it means to be Human.

Topics Covered: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Customer Experience, Robotics, Leadership, Empathy, Authenticity, Communication, Storytelling

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