Our Pikkal Family

While we play to our own strengths and work on different parts of a project, we often sit down together to critic each other’s work. As being too planted in our own projects, we may overlook details, be too complacent, or even burnout easily. It’s gratifying to have a team that watches your back and gets through things together with.

B2B Podcast Agency

Pikkal @ Antler – New Podcast Coming Your Way

Pikkal team drops by Antler on a trial shoot for their upcoming podcast. Despite being a trial shoot, the conversations held were truly a joy to be a part of. We meet people in the startup ecosystem share about their journey and are thrilled to be taking you along this upcoming podcast with hosts Jussi Salovaara and Puja Disha Bharwani.

Striving for Quality – Our Team

People can forgive a bad video but they can never forgive bad audio.

From the set-up to the onsite recording to post-production our team is aiming for QUALITY as we work together to produce each podcast episode. This process involves constant review and iteration which helps us strive towards the highest standards of production.

Authentic Conversations through Podcasting

Every podcast recording is a coffee conversation at scale. We believe that creating these conversations is getting more important in this decade as people are hyper-aware of fake. We are placing an increasing premium on brands and leaders who can communicate more authentically. That’s why we are driven to explore the world of podcasting and motivated to bring you along our journey.

Podcasting for Brands Webinar – Coming Soon

The Pikkal team is always creating new ways to reach out to like-minded individuals! Seeing how the COVID-19 is restricting our movements to events and workshops, we are working on a FREE webinar, for all those interested in Podcasting.

Launching soon – Podcasting for Brands Webinar hosted by Graham Brown. Watch this space for an update.

B2B Podcast Agency

Behind The Scenes – Our Team @ GIIS

The Pikkal team was at the Global Indian International School for the recording of new episodes for their School Of the Future podcast. This ongoing series showcases conversations with the GIIS Community and their take on the education industry.

MoneyFM89.3:Podcasting and Leadership in the Exponential Era

Recently, Graham Brown joined Glenn van Zutphen, host of weekends morning on MoneyFM 89.3, for an insightful discussion all about podcasting and Leadership in the Exponential Era.

For all those that missed it, listen to the podcast here: https://lnkd.in/fkqifxY

Nurturing Students as Leaders of Tomorrow – School of the Future Podcast

Leadership is not a job title. It is a deep passion to make a change into a situation or environment that you feel is perhaps not as desirable. Melissa Maria, Principal of GIIS SMART Campus talks about leadership in the classroom, and why we need it. She even recounts how her 3-4 year-old students tell her they need to start growing their own organic crops. Listen to the second episode here on Spotify

Now Everyone Can Podcast

Now Everyone Can Podcast

Our podcasting course is outlined and in the making, we will be breaking it down into technical and soft skills, to help YOU get one step closer to achieving a consistent and well-hosted podcast.