Data Driven

Data Driven Conversations

How our Pikkal Analytics Platform helps create data-driven conversations


Using our proprietary Pikkal Analytics platform we provide live data on Podcast performance, tracking audience, category rankings, SEO Keyword rankings.


Working with the client teams we use reporting data to analyse trends and develop content, cadence and creative hypotheses for future Series.


We identify peer conversation trends and best practises in category to help podcast clients stay relevant and speak to the needs of their audiences

Why do we need better Podcast Analytics in 2021?

It's getting very crowded on Podcast Platforms these days.

With over 1,000,000 Podcasts published on Apple Podcasts and Spotify combined, and more Podcasts published in the last 2 years than the last 20, it's becoming harder to build awareness and win the attention of podcast audiences.

Data: How We Helped Get Future of Asia to #1

Using our Pikkal Analytics platform we guided the Future of Asia to coveted #1 position in the Management category on December 23rd 2020.

Podcast Category Leadership doesn't require bigger budgets or higher volume output, but a good understanding of Podcast Platforms, how to build organic traffic and Podcast SEO.

Brand Authority
Thought Leadership
Peer Recognition

Data Helps Build Awareness Globally

Podcast Data can help create conversations at scale. Our Pikkal Analytics platform tracks client podcast performance across global platforms, identifying audience penetration in different countries.

Our reporting data helps client communications teams provide a clearer "visual" of podcast performance.

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Data Driven Conversations?

Whether you have an idea or an existing podcast project, we can help

Coming in 2021 Exclusive to Our Clients:
A New Podcast Analytics Platform to Help You Lead Your Category

PodcastMaps by Pikkal

We're Using PodcastMaps to Help Grow Client Audiences

Grow your Podcast audience with access to our data covering 120,000 Podcast Shows. We track 247 podcast charts globally and help you measure your Audience, Rankings, Keywords and other key performance metrics.

Podcast Data FAQ

How Long Should my Podcast Episode Be?

We'll map your podcast audio length against your category averages and feedback on how your compare.

Which Episodes Work Best for My Audience?

By analyzing your podcast performance we can suggest which episodes and content types will help you grow your audience.

How Often Should I Publish My Podcast?

Once a month? Once a week? There are many different opinions, but only we have the data to guide you to an optimum publishing schedule.

What Podcast Keywords Will Grow My Audience?

We'll track your target keywords and tell you how you are ranking on Podcast Stores for maximum Podcast SEO.

Where am I in Podcast Rankings?

We'll track your Podcast positions across 245 Apple Podcast stores and tell you where you are performing best allowing you to correlate episodes with ranking.

How Long Should my Podcast Title & Description Be?

We'll help you optimize your podcast title and description lengths to match your category average.

Ready to Create
Data Driven Conversations?

Whether you have an idea or an existing podcast project, we can help

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