Future of Asia Podcast

Future of Asia Podcast

By McKinsey & Company

Pikkal & Co introduces the Mckinsey & Company podcast, ‘Future of Asia.” Hosted by Oliver Tonby, Chairman of McKinsey Asia and the Senior Partners. The series features leaders from across the region to discuss the forces, opportunities and challenges that are shaping the Future of Asia.

Season 1 focuses on Asian Macro trends that synchronise with the “Future of Asia” report published by the McKinsey Global Institute. Meta themes explored include The Asian Century, Asian Networks and Flows defining the next wave of globalisation, The Future of China and its relationship with the world.

The first episode is a captivating conversation for anyone who is interested to know all about how Asia will lead in the new decade. This podcast is a must-listen for those interested in macroeconomic, business and technology trends.

The whole series shows just how good a branded B2Bcontent can sound, without losing any of the key messaging.

Listen to episode 1 here: