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"You're good! You really did your homework for that podcast!"

Tony Fernandes - CEO AirAsia

"Thank you Graham,
you are the best podcast host ever!"

– Sahar Heshami O.B.E, Founder Coffee Republic

Hashemi was named in Management Today as “Top 35 Women in British business under 35” and Independent on Sunday as “20 most powerful women in Britain”

The Be More Human Podcast

Graham Brown Shares regular updates on Leadership, Storytelling and Podcasts in the Be More Human Podcast

We are facing numerous disruptive forces in business and society - from the Covid19 Pandemic to The 4th Industrial Revolution to The Asian Century to Digital Transformation. How do we survive and thrive in the crisis?

Topics Covered include: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Empathy, Leadership, Podcasts, Skills, Storytelling

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1,000 Podcast Episodes Produced

Since 2018, Graham Brown has produced over 1,000 Podcasts and Live Webinars, mainly for corporate clients and government agencies from IBM to NTUC to McKinsey to Facebook. In our early days, we made many mistakes developing and fine tuning the podcast model.

His experience of webinar and podcast planning, producing and helping promote these shows has helped Pikkal amass a large dataset. We are currently deploying the data to clients as our new VoiceDynamics tool.

Graham Brown Speaking & Podcast Testimonials

“Thank you Graham, you are the best podcast host ever!”
– Sahar Heshami OBE, Founder Coffee Republic, Listed as “One of the 25 Most Powerful Women in the UK” by The Independent

“Thanks Graham for making this a truly enjoyable panel experience”
– Tom Voirol, Chief Experience Design Officer, Ogilvy

“Great to be part of this panel discussing the role of digital marketing and technology in influencing and delivering a seamless experience that customers expect in Asia”
– Belinda Widgery, Channel & Device Lead, Microsoft Asia

“Lots of great feedback from your session yesterday Graham and a lot of people referencing some of your examples during the presentations today. Thanks again!”
– Tom Browning, VP Medical Marketing Menarini Asia Pacific

“Thanks Graham – we much enjoyed your talk and the discussion it inspired”
– Neil Dawson, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA and APAC at Publicis Sapient

“We have worked with Graham Brown the founder of Asia Tech Podcast on several occasions when we invited him to lead our SIM leadership and management podcast series. He is professional, enthusiastic and is able to cut through the clutter to deliver spot on content. He is well connected and is able to draw out great insights from his interviewees. Graham is someone who is good fun to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a world class content partner.”
– Jeff Tan, Asst. Director, Singapore Institute of Management

“Graham was good and able to set the context right, managed the proceedings efficiently, shared insights and wisdom on the subject matter, and summarised the sharings from speakers for audience to take away the key messages. If we catered more time for the panel discussions, it would have been even better.”
– Chandra Suryadevar: Senior Manager, Social Service Institute Singapore

“Thank you all of you for being so awesome, especially Graham for your interactive style on the panel, great work!”
– Vicky Lin: International Events Director

“Check out this fantastic podcast series. Really interesting group of speakers talking about tech and digital and how it touches their world”
– Miles Wilson: Senior Director Global Commercial Leadership The Coca-Cola Company

“Graham’s interview style is relaxing, thought provoking and intellectually dynamic.
– iTunes Review

“Asia Tech Podcast (ATP) brings you stories of seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things in building Asia’s booming Tech Ecosystem.”
– Kapil Kane: Director of Innovation, Intel China

“Graham’s a great interviewer and knows how to draw out his guests and get them to provide their perspectives about industry, SEA, and working in tech.”
– Tony Mai: Compliy

“Best thing is that Graham and team tries their best to understand the founder and the company and ask very relevant questions. Personally, it has made me think and become more self aware after last interview.
– iTunes Review

“It was Amazing!”
– Daniel West: Founder Panalyt

“Graham is an exceptional interviewer who knows his subject and is quite adept at bringing out the stories and backgrounds of these personalities!”
– iTunes Review

“Love Asia Tech Podcast. Lively discussions. Up-to-date insight. Asia leads the world in many areas of tech, and ATP allows the listener to keep current.”
– Frank Lavin: CEO Export Now, former US Ambassador to Singapore, Undersecretary Department of Commerce, Chairman APAC Edelman, Principal Bank of America

“These guys know their stuff”
– Casey Lau: Head of Asia for RISE

“Thanks to the ATP team for a great conversation and a very professional setup”
– Kiren Tanna: Co-Founder Zen Rooms, ex CEO of Rocket Internet APACIG, Co-Founder FoodPanda

“Enjoyed chatting with Graham on the challenges building a business, finding your network and scaling a cross-border company. We need more people like him championing our individual causes, and bringing entrepreneurs together from different parts of the world. Stay tuned.”
– Will Fan, CEO QLC

Official Bio & Media Pic: Graham Brown

Graham Brown is an public speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur.

He is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication, works including "The Human Communication Playbook", “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” – documenting the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India and “Brand Love – How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About”.

Graham is the founder of Pikkal & Co – an AI Powered, Data Driven B2B Podcast and Webinar Agency. He also hosts The Be More Human Podcast, Asia Tech Podcast and The Pitchdeck Asia show. He has published over 1,000 podcast episodes.

Guests include Tony Fernandes – CEO and Founder of AirAsia, Rod Drury – Founder of Xero and Sahar Hashemi – Founder of Coffee Repblic.

His work has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has helped shaped the communications strategy of clients McKinsey, Leap by McKinsey, AirAsia, Xero, The Singapore Institute of Management, Vodafone, Nokia, UNICEF, MTV, The European Commission, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.