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Podcasting for Brands: Handy advice and tips to start and successfully grow your coporate podcast.

Podcasting for Brands Guide

Podcasting for Brands:
How to Create Award Winning Corporate Podcasts (Free Guide)

How to create thought leadership, brand authority and campaign awareness for your brand with podcasts.

Answered in this guide
Podcast ROI: what is the business case for corporate podcasts? is podcasting right for my brand? 
B2B vs B2C: what is the difference between a Consumer B2C Podcast and a Corporate B2B Podcast?
Business Objectives: how can a corporate podcast build brand authority and thought leadership?
Internal Podcasts: can corporate podcasts be used to create internal teams and compliment or replace events/newsletters?
Team: who should host a branded podcast?Content Strategy: what should you talk about?Podcast Metrics: how do we measure success?Audience Building: what is a good audience number for a branded podcast?
Timelines & Expectations: how long does it take to get results from our branded podcast?Omnichannel Communications: what about social media and video?

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