Using our database of 12,000+ business podcasts globally and relationships from 4 years as a corporate podcast agency, we will identify high quality podcasts for you to speak on that align with your key talking point and business objectives. Read the list of 4 key features that clients love about our full service podcast booking agency below:

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1. We'll Refine Your Narrative

Our unique Media Profiling Session is a 60 minute one on one with our team. We'll work with you on identifying and sharpening your key talking points to make your messaging both engaging and newsworthy


podcast guesting

2. We'll Manage All Communication with Podcast Hosts

You're busy. You don't have time and headspace to be worrying about follow ups and replies. Our outreach team takes care of that. We track Communications, track calls, emails and contact history. You don't have to worry about activity until it delivers results in the form of potential booking.


Our awesome features

3. We'll Manage All Schedule and Booking Logistics

If you value your time, you'll love our full service podcast guesting concierge, right down to providing you with a briefing document 24 hours before your interview. We take care of your calendar, negotiate with hosts, store vital recording data such as links and times and keep you informed with status and calendar updates.


Our awesome features

4. We'll Collate and Update Everything

Tracking recordings right down to when episodes go live can be hard work, especially as production times on podcasts vary from next day to 3-4 months out. We stay on top of every single booking and every single published episode so you can free up your mind to focus on your business.


Our awesome features


TEDX Speaker and Author


Award Winning Founder & Startup Investor


TEDX Speaker, ex Apple, Innovation Leader

$1200 a month for 4 Podcasts
$900 a month for 2 Podcasts

all prices in US Dollars

All our packages come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and No Lengthy Contracts. You only pay for the current month and can cancel any time.

Dedicated Booking Manager

1-on-1 Media Profiling Session

Recommendations to improve your narrative style, target niches relevant to your message

Dynamic Bookings Status Report updated daily


Our awesome features

We calculate the booking as a booking confirmed during that month. As many podcasts will schedule in guests weeks in advance, we count the date it was confirmed (not the actual recording date).

First, we'll get all the necessary info in your Media Profiling Session. We'll then build your Podcast Media Kit. We'll then begin the process of contacting podcast hosts we know and those that match your target profile in our database. We then qualify these podcasts on a number of factors including: - relevance of this podcast content to your key talking points - podcast ranking on Apple & Spotify - estimated audience size - geographic base of audience - activity levels on the podcast (eg published in last 30 days?) - history and experience of working with this host for other clients - audio quality of podcast

We'll try but to manage your expectations if it's a popular podcast there may be a long wait time. We have successfully landed our clients on podcasts they have been trying months to get on themselves before working with us, but again there are no guarantees as the decision is ultimately with the host.

If it's business, we are confident as we have a high success rate in landing relevant podcasts for you. Our current clients hail from consultancies, sport sponsorship, education, corporate innovation, business advisory, investment banking, venture capital, tech, marketing and coaching. But, to be transparent, we don't specialize in consumer podcasts and therefore are not best suited to your needs if you are targeting astrology, sport, new age or relationships based podcasts.

No problem. Life happens! Many of our clients travel or sometimes are too busy to do a recording. We'll reschedule the podcast on your behalf and work with the host to find a more convenient time in the future.

Firstly, we'll establish why the host didn't up - maybe that had a technical issue? We'll communicate with them on your behalf and update you instantly. If the host still doesn't show, we'll give you the option to reschedule or cancel. Podcasts cancelled due to host no-show are not counted to your monthly quota.

Absolutely. In the Media Profiling Session with offer every new client, we establish target regions & sectors. Going niche will help in identifying potential podcasts. However, also bear in mind that going too niche may limit your potential market. We'll advise you on finding the right balance during the Media Profiling Session.

We are based in the US, UK, India, Singapore and The Philippines. We have team members in your time zone.

You only pay for the current month. With our experienced team and extensive podcast market database, wee are confident we can get you quality bookings fast. That means we can offer you our service without any setup fees or minimum terms required. You can cancel any time.

Yes, sir! Try us out for 1 month and if it doesn't meet your expectations by the end of the month, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked!

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