We Create Thought Leadership Podcasts for Individuals

A Podcast is like planting a flag and letting your followers rally round. We help corporate leaders and B2B influencers build their followings, personal brands and networks through the power of podcasting.

How Podcasts Help Build Personal Brands

Meetings with People that Matter

Create Connections and Conversations

Podcasts are one of the most effective B2B business development tools available. See how Graham Brown got the meeting with Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia for his podcast, Asia Tech Podcast.

With over 1,000 podcast episodes produced, Graham has focused on building his brand authority in Podcasting. Your category is different, but it's still one you can own by planting a flag and letting people rally round.

Build Your Personal Brand

Create Conversations at Scale

We partnered with Sachin Tonk, Director of Data and Advanced Analytics at Standard Chartered Bank to help build his personal brand and raise his executive profile through podcasts. We helped Sachin plan, produce and promote the podcast series as well as secure meetings with key influencers in the Data & Analytics space. 

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Use your Podcast to create Conversations and Meetings with People that Matter. Learn how Graham Brown used his podcast to win business, investment and build personal brand authority globally. Learn how he got that meeting with Tony Fernandes and how he used the podcast to win business with McKinsey, Xero, AirAsia, SIM, Facebook, Cloudera, the Singaporean Government and IBM.

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Be Known as an Authority

Old Fashioned Personal Branding is Dead

Podcasts are an effective way of building authority in your space. Graham Brown has used Podcasts to establish his authority in the field of communication, being invited to speak at a number of high level industry events. The video shows Graham's keynote address at the Asian AI Summit.

Get on Other Podcasts

Your Podcast is Your Own Scalable PR Department

The best way to build your authority is to guest on other podcasts relevant to your category; the most effective way of guesting on other podcasts, is to host your own. Podcast Hosts like like-minded hosts because they have interesting content and stories to share, and are more skilled in delivery.

Get on National Media

You don't need a finished book before you have a story worth telling

Nobody has time to write or consume books today, so how do you share your experience? Using a practice called Agile Storytelling, you can use your podcast to test and iterate on new ideas, narratives and insights. By constantly testing your material in the public sphere, you can refine and evolve your thought architecture in an Agile manner.

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If you to stand out in today's noisy media world, you need to plant a flag and let your tribe rally round. That journey starts when you start telling your story in your words.

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