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What is a Corporate Podcast Specialist?

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We are Pikkal & Co. We specialize in corporate podcasts for enterprise. If you’re ready to move your corporate podcast project forwardcontact us here.

We are an end-to-end corporate podcast agency. We take your idea to global audiences and turn it into an award winning podcast. We are experienced in project managing thought leadership podcasts across timezones and practises for premium enterprises: management consultancies, investment banks, wealth managers, government agencies, SaaS platforms and fintech. 

Some of our recent global podcast projects include:

These Brands Trust Us to Help them Create Thought Leadership Podcasts

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4 Reasons Why Podcast Clients Love Partnering with Pikkal & Co

We Make Corporate Podcasts...

1. Scalable

Reach new markets, new audiences both internally and externally

2. Agile

Test, measure, learn what your audience wants and how to give it to them

3. Omnichannel

Sychronize communications assets across channels

4. Measurable

Generate performance data to inform and benchmark progress

(1) We Help Corporate Clients Create
Authenticity at Scale

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Podcasts offer authenticity at scale. Reach new audiences in new markets without expensive market entry. Unlike other forms of communication, podcasts are evergreen and highly discoverable via search engines. Podcasts are SEO-friendly thought leadership content meaning each episode can reinforce your brand reputation and perception around specific keywords.

Podcast Case Study: The Authentic Sound of Inside India

In this sample episode from UTI Asset Management India, we share a candid and authentic conversation between Ben Hayward of UTI and Lord Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer.

Corporate Podcasts are an effective platform to share conversations between your people and your network – clients, partners and authorities. These conversations are powerful social proof. Unlike a conversation over coffee, this content can reach global audiences, without ever losing the intimacy of the audio medium.

(2) We Help Clients Keep it Agile​

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Podcasts are digital first. Unlike events, you can schedule conversations across time zones without the need to be in the same place, same time. Unlike video production, too, podcasts offer an effective return on time for your team.  

Our team at Pikkal & Co takes care of all the heavy lifting from planning to project management to performance review of your podcast. With experience of working with leading businesses and government organizations we have developed tried and tested playbooks that help our partners engage in podcasting in a low-risk manner. 

Podcast Case Study: Beyond Markets, Staying Ahead of The Market

In this sample episode from Beyond Markets, Julius Baer needed to share time-sensitive thought leadership content to the market, to set the tone for the new year. 

If this episode was published as a webinar or video production, slow turnaround times would mean the conversation would reach the market long after the advice was of use. Keeping the conversation on the audio format, however, enables corporates to both respond to market events and lead them.

(3) We Help Clients Drive Omnichannel Communications

Your podcast can synchnronize your thought leadership content calendar. Each episode can drive comms strategy across multiple channels. Our project management team is experienced in helping our partners develop cohesive internal playbooks. Align your podcast with existing content initiatives (e.g. events, report publications, events). Use your podcast to synchronize internal content channels and drive podcast content derivatives across these channels. 

Podcast Case Study: Inside India Launch

Podcasts drive Omnichannel communication strategy by sitting at the top of the content pipeline. Each podcast episode creates content derivatives for the social team, guests and partners to share across their networks. 

inside india corporate podcast

Sharing activates the Linkedin network of fans and partners

Inside India corporate podcast launch

Working with our corporate podcast partners, we setup the Omnichannel content strategy playbook and make it easy for them to share the content across their networks. 

(4) We Analyze, Report and Advise Clients on Podcast Performance

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We believe in data driven conversations. Core to the constant improvement of our partner’s podcasts are the regular Performance Reviews where we report & analyze the data together.

Our corporate podcast data platform helps our partners measure audience, engagement, geography and  category rankings. Using this data you can benchmark your thought leadership against category peers (same vertical, same company function). Our Pikkal & Co team advises you on how to interpret the data leading to insights on (a) what content is performing best and with who and where? (b) which formats and lengths drive most engagement? (c) how does your content perform against category peers?

Podcast Case Study: Julius Baer Mandarin and German Speaking Podcasts

Applying data driven insights to the Julius Baer Beyond Markets English podcast we were able to identify 2 potential growth opportunities inside their audience data. Building on these insights, we partnered with JB to launch both a German and Mandarin speaking podcast series.

Listen to Beyond Markets in Mandarin

Listen to Beyond Markets in German

Podcasts are an effective platform for corporates to enter new markets and achieve scale by identifying potential audiences before market entry. With our experience of analyzing corporate podcast data we can not only identify geographical scale opportunities but also untapped niche sectors and listener profiles.

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