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How We Created SIM's Webinar Series

Webinars are not “offline events” but online, they require a fundamentally different approach. Webinars require a storytelling and delivery style optimised for online engagement.

Podcast Webinar Integration

Leverage existing organization channels to ensure maximum POC success. If an aligned team is organizing webinars already, use the webinar to promote the podcast (conversion rate is high). If you are organizing demo days or virtual conferences, convert audio from 1 session in the conference into a bonus podcast episode (drive subscribers from the event). Promote a win-win relationship with existing projects. In return, use the Podcast to promote existing Acquisition channels e.g. an upcoming webinar or event.
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Case Study Global Schools Foundation

The Problem with Online Events Today

Digital events aren’t offline events “but online”. You need a fundamentally different approach. Online is a world of noise and distraction. The best online events today are strong on Story. To engage you need stronger narrative frameworks, more personal conversations and emotional content.

Data Driven Event Planning

Using our Voicedynamics platform, we are able to use data to help clients optimize their event delivery. This means choosing engaging topics and advising speakers on delivering those topics. We’ve found that the most effective events ranked higher on our EVQ score – Emotional Voice Quotient. We use this data to help our clients in event planning make better content decisions.

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Webinar Planning Guide

Webinars are not “offline events” but online, they require a fundamentally different approach. Webinars require a storytelling and delivery style optimised for online engagement. Learn how we plan and execute webinars with this free 14 page gudie. You’ll learn:

  1. How to maximize engagement
  2. How to avoid technical failure
  3. How to measure webinar success

We offer end to end Online Event management from the planning to the production to assisting you in its promotion.We do all the heavy lifting. We can also help you with hosts and guests. You can take some or all of our service offering depending on your current setup and requirements.

Yes, you can use our hosts, or your own. You can invite your guests or we can help you find quality guests for your Event. For our recent SIM series, we helped onboard guest speakers from Intel, Facebook, Xero, HP, SG Government and Autodesk.

We are global. We can cover your country.We can manage your event in any time zone. We’ve held webinars in Europe, Asia and North America. We have project managers globally and a platform that works anywhere.

We use Zoom for 90% of our engagements. If you prefer to use your own platform we can work with that. If you want to use ours, we can support up to 500 pax per Event. If you aren’t allowed to use Zoom we can also support Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Webex.

We have managed a number of what we call B2E events, with clients including Facebook and Cloudera. These events can be used for employee engagement, training, discovery sessions or simply to replace old fashioned offline “offsites” with a more time effective solution

A key part of our value-add to clients is helping them decide on, and optimise content for their event. You may have already decided on content, so you might just want to validate those choices with us and plan effective session formats to deliver that content. Alternatively, if you’re starting with an outline theme of you want to convey in this event, we can help you translate that theme into talking points and session titles with the use of our data.

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